Open HRMS Core

Most advanced open source HR management software, Open HRMS Core managing every process of HR brings all the Open HRMS features into your system.

Main Module of Open HRMS. A simple, easy to use and intuitive tool helping employees and management to perform at full potential, boosting the productivity and overall employee satisfaction. Open HRMS offers a 360-degree overview of employee and their skills.


  • Interactive Theme
  • HR Dashboard
  • HR Multi-Company
  • Shift Management
  • Loan Management
  • Biometric Device Automation
  • Salary Advance
  • Employee Reminders
  • Employee Branch Transfer
  • Advanced Employee Master
  • Appraisal Plans & Strategies
  • Employee Insurance
  • HR Documents Management
  • Entry & Exit Checklist
  • Resignation Process
  • HR Announcements
  • Appreciations & Memos
  • Custody/Property Management
  • Automation on Leave Request Mails
  • Vacation Management

HR Biometric Device Integration

This module integrates the biometric attendance device with Odoo ERP. The module automates employee attendance marking through Face/Thumb detection method.

By using this module, We can configure the employee details from either thumbing device or Odoo employee form

Main Features
  • Ingrates biometric device(Face+Thumb) with HR attendance.
  • Option to keep the device attendance log in Odoo.
  • Option to clear the device attendance log from both the device and Odoo.
  • Automating HR attendance.
  • Option to configure multiple devices.
How Does It Work?

Install the module and configure it with Odoo. Once it becomes operational, you can download the attendance details from the machine and manage it from Odoo HR attendance module.


Install this add-on and you can configure all the devices using it's IP address and port number from the menu ‘Biometric Device Manager’.